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About K1GBA is offering K1 GBA SP console from K- Team. This new GBA SP is with GBA Hardware Solution- Running GBA games with K-Card. is the first on line shop selling K1 GBA SP console wordwild FREE SHIPPING.

At a glance on K1 GBA Console:

  • 1. Multiplayer link up with an official GBA( or link between K1GBA)
  • 2. VGA TV-output( VGA 640x480, It came bundled with a hacked together Composite cable providing video and mono audio out. The TV cable plugs into the charging port. You can toggle between LCD and TV with * + Left, and switch between NTSC and PAL with * + Right.)
  • 3. Full compatibility with GBA games
  • 4. MP3 function
  • 5. Can be charged with an official GBA charger and takes the same battery as the official GBA SP
  • 6. The speaker is louder than that of a real GBA SP
  • For any question, kindly get back to us via email:

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