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K1 GBA SP K-Team Hardware GBA SP Blue

K1 GBA SP K-Team Hardware GBA SP Blue


NOTE: Now we only accept the wholesale orders for K1 GBA. The minimum quantity to buy this device should no less than 50pcs at one time. To get a better wholesale price, kindly get back to us via email: Thanks!

K1 GBA SP- Blue color. An amazing GBA SP designed with K-team hardware solution. Game Compatibility: 100%+ support multi-game cartridge and hot plug, frame rate= 60FPS + perfect sound.

The Blue color had been in stock. You can buy it now!


  • 1. Technology: Delicated Hardware
  • 2. CPU+ DRAM: cpu 16.67 MHz/50MHZ+ (DRAM 50MHz) (Main CPU+ DRAM)
  • 3. DRAM: No need if play with cartidge
  • 4. Key pad response: Instant
  • 5. 3 inch LCD screen
  • 6. GBG link: supported, single & multi game pack
  • 7. TV out: Scaling to 640x480
  • 8. Power consumption: Power- On: 80mA, game playing:< 80mA, Battery time: 5-7 hours( 550mAH Li-on battery)

Key Features:

  • 1. Delicated Hardwire circuits to fully support all graphic & sound modes
  • 2. Re-design memory inerface to support both cartridge and SD/TF card
  • 3. Adjustable CPU clock to add MP3 playback capability
  • 4. Support small size TFT LCD with adjustable( 5 level) backlight
  • 5. Support TV Out(VGA reslution). Plug and play GBA games on your TV(PAL/NTSC composite)( Hot swap between LCD & tv)
  • 6. Built-in scaling engine to support LCD to TV in different resolution
  • 7. Built in interrupt controller to enable cartridge hot plug and cheat function
  • 8. Do DRAM required if no SD/TF
  • 9. 100% compatiable with original cartridges. 100% frame rate achieved(60 FPS)
  • 10. 100% compatiable with GBA ROms you owned and all the public domain games or homebrew games
  • 11. Support GBA link. Both single game pack mode and multi game pack moce are supported. You can even link with your orignal GBA
  • 12. Zip your ROM files to save SD/TF space

What is including:

  • 1pcs K1 GBA SP- Blue
  • 1pcs TV out Cable
  • 1pcs K-card(without TF card)
  • 1pcs charger

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