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K1 GBA SP K-Team Hardware GBA SP Silver

K1 GBA SP K-Team Hardware GBA SP Silver


NOTE: Now we only accept the wholesale orders for K1 GBA. The minimum quantity to buy this device should no less than 50pcs at one time. To get a better wholesale price, kindly get back to us via email: Thanks!



  • 1. Technology: Delicated Hardware
  • 2. CPU+ DRAM: cpu 16.67 MHz/50MHZ+ (DRAM 50MHz) (Main CPU+ DRAM)
  • 3. DRAM: No need if play with cartidge
  • 4. Key pad response: Instant
  • 5. 3 inch LCD screen
  • 6. GBG link: supported, single & multi game pack
  • 7. TV out: Scaling to 640x480
  • 8. Power consumption: Power- On: 80mA, game playing:< 80mA, Battery time: 5-7 hours( 550mAH Li-on battery)

Key Features:

  • 1. Delicated Hardwire circuits to fully support all graphic & sound modes
  • 2. Re-design memory inerface to support both cartridge and SD/TF card
  • 3. Adjustable CPU clock to add MP3 playback capability
  • 4. Support small size TFT LCD with adjustable( 5 level) backlight
  • 5. Support TV Out(VGA reslution). Plug and play GBA games on your TV(PAL/NTSC composite)( Hot swap between LCD & tv)
  • 6. Built-in scaling engine to support LCD to TV in different resolution
  • 7. Built in interrupt controller to enable cartridge hot plug and cheat function
  • 8. Do DRAM required if no SD/TF
  • 9. 100% compatiable with original cartridges. 100% frame rate achieved(60 FPS)
  • 10. 100% compatiable with GBA ROms you owned and all the public domain games or homebrew games
  • 11. Support GBA link. Both single game pack mode and multi game pack moce are supported. You can even link with your orignal GBA
  • 12. Zip your ROM files to save SD/TF space

What is including:

  • 1pcs K1 GBA SP- Silver
  • 1pcs TV out Cable
  • 1pcs K-card(without TF card)
  • 1pcs charger

Reviews :

  • Carla Meyer Date Added: Wednesday 15 August, 2012

    Highly recommended! vendors have a great willingness to answer questions, the product arrives in perfect condition, has a good quality and is awesome! I remain very pleased with the purchase

  • Vihlelm Hongelin Date Added: Monday 13 August, 2012

    I've owned this console for quite a long time now, and I've been very very pleased with it. It plays all the GBA games I've wanted to play near perfectly. I've mostly played Chain of memories, FF6, Zelda minish cap and link to the past, and there's been not ONE mistake with it. The pads are a little, just a little stiffer than the original GBA SP, but nothing that I couldn't get over. I later ordered another K1 for my friend after I hyped about it for a while to him, and this consoles pads were way better than my original ones was. Ít emulates GB, GBC and Nes games fairly well, but it primarily plays GBA games well, wich is it's main purpose anyway. you can transfere NES games from a K1 to an original GBA via link cable if the NES roms size is 124kb or less. 248kb games such as megamans and Mario 3 can't be transfered, sadly. All in all, this product Perfect if you're into playing retro GBA games (Apart from Pokemon due to the lack of real time clock) and provides an enhanced retro experience that can't be provided by any other product out there. I love this machine!!!

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